APM dissolves Unima Council

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President Peter Mutharika has dissolved the University of Malawi Council, with immediate effect. According to Presidential Press Secretary and Spokesperson Mgeme Kalilani, the reconstitution of the council will be announced soon.

Unima Chancellor, President Mutharika Unima Chancellor, President Mutharika

The dissolution comes amidst an impasse between University of Malawi academic staff and the Council of the University, which has paralysed business at the Chancellor College for over five months now.

According to Kalilani, Mutharika has also directed Government to mediate in the labour dispute having noted that the Council and its Management are failing to resolve the matter.

Kalilani further said that consequent to the President’s directive, Government invited and met the University Council, Management and representatives of Academic Staff to agree on the steps that will ensure that Chancellor College opens with every expedition possible.

“Therefore, a Taskforce comprising representatives of Council and Academic Staff, as previously agreed upon by the Council and Academic Staff. The discussions of the Taskforce will be facilitated by the Minister of Education, Science and Technology; and Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs in order to ensure continuity of the first meeting held on 16 June 2017,” said Kalilani.

Among those attending the discussions will be Secretary to Treasury, Secretary of Education, Secretary of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development, and Comptroller of Statutory Corporations.

“The President hereby expresses his desire that the involved parties will reach a common understanding and re-open Chancellor College. The President therefore places his confidence in the Taskforce and the process they have agreed upon to resolve the situation in the University of Malawi,” added Kalilani.

According to the University of Malawi Act (1998), the direct management of the University of Malawi rests with the University Council supported by the Vice Chancellor and his management. This legal framework also applies to other public universities in Malawi.

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