MDF Commander pledges to uphold professionalism in the army

Written by  MBC Online

The newly inaugurated Malawi Defence Force Commander, General Vincent Nundwe, has pledged that the army will maintain discipline and professionalism in discharge of its duties.

Nundwe receives sword of command from his predecessor Nundwe receives sword of command from his predecessor

The MDF chief was speaking Thursday at Kamuzu Barracks parade ground in Lilongwe when he was receiving the MDF sword of command from his predecessor General Griffin Spoon Phiri (retired).

Phiri has been assigned a new role as national security advisor to the President.


Nundwe said the army will not depart from the norm of protecting the country’s citizenry and maintaining political neutrality.


“We need to train hard to fight easy MDF will continue discharging its duties in a constitutional way. We need to do things the way they are supposed to be done without political interference,” said Nundwe.


In his remarks the former army general praised his successor saying,” General Nundwe is an experienced soldier. I do not need to give him any any advice. But what I want to say is that soldiers are not politicians,” remarked Phiri.


Nundwe is the 13th Army General to be at the helm of the defence forcessince independence.


The MDF has been instrumental in supporting Malawi Police Services in controlling demonstrators in the recent calls for resignation of MEC Chairperson Justice Jane Mayemu Ansah.

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