JULY 6 is a great day for Malawians: President Mutharika

Written by  MBC Online

“This is a great day for all Malawians. It is a day when, regardless of our differences, we come together in national unity. We come in unity as one people of one nation,” President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika said this on July 6, as Malawians were celebrating 55 years of independence from Britain.

Mutharika: July 6 great day for Malawians. Mutharika: July 6 great day for Malawians.

In his keynote speech that urged unity, peace and love, Mutharika said: “This is the day we remember who we are. We remember that we are all Malawians.


“And it is the day we must remember our national pride. But we cannot be proud of this country if we do not love it. This is the day we must raise our flags of patriotism.”


He said July 6 was the day “we must show how we love Malawi. Malawi is the only country that we have. If we destroy it, we have destroyed ourselves.”


The President, re-elected in the May 21 poll, said Malawi needs unity, love and peace “for us to continue taking Malawi from poverty to prosperity.


“We need to build Malawi on the foundations we have set.”


He said in the past 55 years, Malawians had “successfully built Malawi as a peaceful nation. We have been known as a warm hearted people. This is a national legacy worth continuing.”


“In the past 55 years, we have successfully united and co-existed as different cultural groups. We have lived as one people because we are one people.”


He said in his first term which run from 2014 to 2019, his DPP-led government had laid foundations that will take Malawi from poverty to prosperity.


He catalogued some of his notable achievements as follows:


.We have recovered the economy and now it is growing.


.We have constructed community technical colleges where our youths are being trained in skills to create jobs.


.We have constructed and rehabilitated roads across the country to facilitate transport and trade.


. We have taken electricity to villages under Malawi Rural Electrification Programme.


.We are implementing public sector reforms so that we can improve delivery of public services to our people.


.We have built more schools and recruited and deployed more teachers so that our children can get education.


.We have built more hospitals, equipped them and improved drug stocks so that we can be healthy.


He urged: “Together, let us continue along this path of transformation. Together, let us pursue and realise our goal of transforming this country from poverty to prosperity.”

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