MEC urges voters to exercise their right in forthcoming tripartite elections

Written by  Tamanda Balakasi
Commissioner Jean Mathanga of the Malawi Electoral Commission has urged people of Nkhotakota to exercise their right to vote come 21st May this year regardless of losing their voter IDs during floods.
Commissioner Jean Mathanga Commissioner Jean Mathanga
Speaking when she presented an opening speech today at Nkhotakota Secondary School hall during the vetting exercise, Jean Mathanga clearly emphasized and encouraged people of Nkhotakota to cast their vote in large numbers regardless of losing their IDs during floods. This comes at a time when some parts of Nkhotakota weeks ago were hit by floods.
"People should not lose hope in any way. On 21 May they should go to where they registered and they will be assisted accordingly because as Malawi Electoral Commission we have the data in our computers," said Mathanga.
The Commissioner further said all aspiring candidates should avoid taking seriously news on social media saying most of them are not true. In her remarks, Mathanga said candidates need to verify every news be it on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp with relevant authorities.
The commissioner advised aspiring candidates to contact the elections coordination committee, constituency returning officers, district council and even the Malawi Electoral Commission of any rumour or issues they come across on different platforms of social media. Wasting resources, time wastage and making wrong decisions are some impacts commissioner Mathanga cited to the aspiring candidates regarding fake news.
"I must advise all aspiring candidates that there campaign should be issue based not castigating others in any way," narrated the commissioner.
However, the commissioner was quick to say that the Malawi Electoral Commission has received so many complaints that some people are buying voter cards and even requesting voter ID numbers from electorates in their communities. On this, Commissioner Mathanga said these complaints are seriously being looked into and will be dealt with accordingly.
She told the aspiring candidates to take a leading role in civic educating voters that selling their IDs to someone is an offence as per electoral laws.

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