Nomination paper presentation week: a fortune for enterprenuers

Written by  Rhoda Chembe

Food sellers around trade fair grounds have described the presidential candidate nomination paper presentation week as a milestone.

selling like hot cakes selling like hot cakes

According to one of the chefs in the grounds, Chimwemwe Mkongwa, sales have increased by 150% since Monday.

“This week has been successful, we have made huge sales and the business has been lifted up greatly,various party followers have been flocking in at the start of the day, sometimes before we are set,”said Mkongwa.

Zathu Kawala who is a chips seller concurred with Mkongwa, “sister, see for yourself, look how busy this place is,” He said pointing at the boys assisting him peel Irish potatoes.

“I will be able to start a foundation for my house”, said Kawala in a jovial mood.

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