UDF disowns violence suspect

Written by  MBC Online

United Democratic Front (UDF) has disowned Maurice Kasinde who is suspected to be the masterminder of political violence in Mangochi, saying he is not a member of the party’s security detail.

Atupele Muluzi: His party disowns violence perpetrators Atupele Muluzi: His party disowns violence perpetrators

UDF spokesperson Ken Ndanga told a local newspaper on Friday that Kasinde, who is currently on the run, has no links to UDF and its president Atupele Muluzi.

There has been reports that Kasinde is attached to security detail of UDF and is seen close to Muluzi at some of the party’s events.

But Ndanga said: “As you are aware, Atupele Muluzi is a Cabinet minister and his security personnel are police. I personally know all people who work at Atupele Muluzi’s house and I don’t know this person you are talking about [Kasinde].

“At the party level, the head of security is director of youth who is Osman Sauzande. May be the guy you are talking about is one of the morale guys who rush to everything.

“So don’t associate Atupele Muluzi with that kind of barbaric action. Even UDF supporters in Mangochi are very angry with what happened on Sunday.”

Meanwhile, police in Mangochi have arrested 12 more suspects in connection with the assault of UTM Party members.

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