UDF speaks on Muluzi audio clip

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United Democratic Front (UDF) spokesperson Ken Ndanga has said former President Bakili Muluzi  did  not say anything in regard to the purported pairing of the party’s leader Atupele Muluzi and President Arthur Peter Mutharika in this year’s elections.

Bakili Muluzi: Back in political spotlight curtesy of audio clip Bakili Muluzi: Back in political spotlight curtesy of audio clip

There has been  fevered speculation on social media platforms indicating that Atupele is going to pair with President Peter Mutharika in the presidential race as his runningmate.

An audio clip has also been circulating of a telephone conversation between former president Bakili  Muluzi with an aspiring UDF candidate from Nkhotakota in which the senior Muluzi is heard advising the caller to work hard because Atupele has been informed of the aspiring MP’s candidature.

“In recorded  telephone  conversation  which has gone viral,  he simply  says  ‘Atupele  has been informed’  about  a potential  UDF  candidate  in Zomba  which  is normal,” said Ndanga.

He added: “This was a normal  telephone  conversation  which was simply  encouraging  a potential UDF  candidate  to stand  on a UDF  ticket.”

Said Ndanga: “In the conversation  the retired  president  is not  even  making  any decision  and  it’s very  clear  that  the  process  of identifying  candidates  is, being  handled   by Honourable Clement  Stambuli  who is the Director of Elections in the UDF  party.

“Any information  to the contrary  is utterly fake  news  and  must be  treated with the contempt  it deserves.”

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