Centre still not holding in Aford: Camps disagree on convention dates

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Power struggle inside Alliance for Democracy (Aford) is far from over as the two warring sides of Enock Chihana and Frank Mwenifumbo are failing to agree of convention dates as directed by the recent High Court ruling.

Aford President Enoch Chakufwa Chihana Aford President Enoch Chakufwa Chihana

While the Mwenifumbo camp want the indaba to be held from December 14 to 15, the Chihana side feels their rivals are overstepping their mandate.

“These days are ideal to give us ample time to prepare for the elections. In addition, this is the period when schools will be closed therefore it would be cheaper to accomodate  delegates in public schools than book for them in rest houses” said Dan Msowoya, spokesperson of the Frank Mwenifumbo camp.

But the Chihana side publicist Khumbo Mwaungulu, said proposing convention dates is a prerogative of the party’s president Enock Chihana.

 “The party has a hierarchy and its head is Right Honourable Enoch Chihana. He is the one to make a decision on this matter. Anyone, apart from him, doing so just want to bring in more chaos in the party,” said Mwaungulu.

The High Court in Lilongwe nullified the May 1 convention results which saw both Mwenifumbo and Chihana emerging as victors after they organised parallel elections.

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