MERA hails PIL, IHB on safety training for fuel tanker drivers

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Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) has commended the country’s key fuel importer, Petroleum Importers Limited (PIL) for training over 200 fuel tanker drivers on various aspects of safety.

PIL, IHB and the drivers pose for a photo after the training PIL, IHB and the drivers pose for a photo after the training

PIL in conjunction with International Haulage Brokers (IHB) is carrying out awareness training sessions on safety for fuel tanker drivers across the country.

Speaking during the last training in Lilongwe MERA Director of Liquid Fuels and Gas Alinafe Mkavea said drivers are key players in the fuel importation hence the importance of safety training cannot be overemphasis.

“I urge the drivers to take these trainings very serious and ensure that they use all techniques which foster prevention of accident. The availability of fuel in Malawi is by road hence drivers are key players in the fuel importation,” said Mkavea.

Mkavea also encouraged fuel tanker drivers to do the best of their ability to avoid accidents, product contamination and other issues which may bring challenges to fuel availability in Malawi.

PIL Quality Heath Safety Security & Environmental Manager Constance Msungeni described the 2018 trainings as successful and urged drivers to follow the safety measures and to take care of their lives as they drive products into the country.

“The purpose of these safety trainings was to equip drivers on how they can prevent accidents and how to take care of their lives as they drive the fuel tankers. We believe that once drivers are equipped with key techniques on prevention of accident, knowledge of the product they lift and defensive driving techniques, we can appreciate accident reduction,” said Msungeni.

In his remarks, IHB General Manager Chrispin Mussa underscored the importance of equipping drivers with skills on how to prevent accidents on the road.

The first safety training was conducted in Blantyre and over 100 drivers attended, second was Mzuzu with over 50 drivers in attendance and the last training took place in Lilongwe with over 50 drivers attending.

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