DPP urges people to be vigilant ahead of 2019 polls

Written by  Mc Donald Gondwe

Treasurer General for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Jappie Mhango has warned people not to be swayed away by some emerging trends in the political arena but rather to stick to the vision of the DPP.

Mhango addresses the rally Mhango addresses the rally

Mhango who is also Minister for Transport and Public Works was speaking during an interaction meeting with people of Mselema in the area of Inkosi ya Makhosi M’mbelwa in Mzimba district.

Mhango said the noise and unnecessary tension going around is mere political propaganda to ruse Malawians on the pretext of leadership change.

“You know the political landscape is changing, the atmosphere is getting charged and we are now getting much into elections mood and therefore they will be lots of people masquerading as leaders of tomorrow but most of them will be very dishonest and I came here to warn these people to be vigilant against such people,” he said.

The Treasurer General said he was pleased with the support people in the area have for the party and its leadership. He then stressed the need for people to register and vote for DPP for continued progress of the nation.

“You should also register in large numbers so that you may vote, if you say you love Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika; you can only demonstrate that love by casting your vote for him, so let us register and vote for DPP,” he added.

The Minister also promised swift government action on the need for a police unit, additional classroom blocks at Mselema Primary School and an enhanced phone network; issues Group Village Headman Mungoni of the area raised.

Speaking during the meeting, DPP Director of Youth, Dyton Mussa appealed to youths of the party to be exemplary by respecting the elderly and engage in charity work as propagated by their father, President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika.

“We are known for good deeds, we are the ambassadors of change, and we are unique; let us take care of the elderly and support the party. We also know there are some youths out there doing all sorts of evil in the name of DPP Youths, when actually they are not,” observed Mussa.

Initially the meeting was designed for the party’s area and constituency committees before the large turnout forced officials to hold a rally and taking advantage of the meeting; local leaders in the area expressed their appreciation for the commendable work under the DPP leadership. Over 30 village headmen attended the meeting.

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