Inclusion of youths in ending child marriages

Written by  Mayeso Chikhadzula

At the 2nd Global meeting of ‘Girls not Brides’ held on 25-27th June 2018 in Kualar Lumpur –Malaysia, countries have agreed to focus on involving the youth in the drive to help end child marriages including those with disabilities.

Participants at the Girls not brides workshop Participants at the Girls not brides workshop

In his remarks after attending the conference with support from Girls not Brides GNB -UK, Youth Coordinator for Forum for the Development of Youth with Disabilities FDYD, Sili Kalima has hailed the meeting saying it has been an eye opener.

“The meeting accorded an opportunity to us as Malawians share ideas on how countries can ably end child marriages and empower children that have come out of these marriages.”

"The meeting has also revealed that the youth need to be actively involved in the issues of ending child marriages as they are the victims," Kalima said.

Girls not Brides Malawi Chapter with some organisations in Malawi including FDYD has been fighting hard to end child marriages in Malawi.

Kalima also urged all stakeholders including government, chiefs and the church to take a leading role in involving the youth by including those with disabilities in ending child marriages as they are the victims.

"You know, most of the times, decision makers have been doing things in ending child marriages without involving the victims. We want children who are the most affected in this scenario to voice out their concerns and propose solutions to this vice,” Kalima lamented.

Some of the countries that attended the conference included Mozambique, Tanzania, Malawi, Morocco, Zimbabwe, some West African Countries and some parts of Asia and UK.

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