AHCX encourages farmers on structured markets

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The AHL Commodity Exchange (AHCX) has advised farmers in the country to consider structured markets as they sell their farm produce to avoid cases of manipulation by middle men.

Ndipita: Structured markets are ideal Ndipita: Structured markets are ideal

Speaking in Lilongwe, Research and Communications Manager for AHCX Mark Ndipita said many farmers are failing to realise maximum profits from their produce due to prices that middle men offer them who later sell them at a higher price, cheating the farmer of legit earnings from their crops.

However, Ndipita who addressed an orientation meeting of farmers from Machinga Secondary District Cooperative, hailed farmers who had already made a decision to use commodity exchange markets, saying they stand a better chance at making profits from their crops.

“We teach and encourage farmers to sell their commodities through designated structured markets. We also tell them that despite rumours that they hear in their locations, structured markets are the best way for them to realise profits from the same,” he said.

Ndipita added that according to their statistics, compared to last year, an increase of 20 percent of farmers selling their crops through AHCX has been recorded, proving that existing and new farmers find structured markets ideal for selling their commodities.

He then added that their office is always open for farmers who would like to register and start selling their commodities through these structured markets and encouraged farmers to understand the whole process before engaging in the markets.

Agricultural Extension Methodologies Officer for Machinga District Batinoce Tongwe said the visit to the Lilongwe AHCX warehouse offered an opportunity to farmers to appreciate the whole process of the commodity market.

One of the farmers on the tour Jessica Chiwaya from Zumulu Cooperative said the visit has helped her realise the power he has over her commodity and how she can in return bargain for the right prices that will give her profitable returns.

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