MAREP 8 lights up 336 trading centres

Written by  MANA

As one way of increasing access to electricity in peri-urban and rural areas, Government has finalized connecting 336 trading centres to electricity under Malawi Rural Electrification Program (MAREP) phase eight.

MAREP was unveiled last year MAREP was unveiled last year

Ministry of Energy, Mining and Natural Resources Public Relations Officer, Saidi Banda said on Thursday that so far most of the work on construction of the sites has been done waiting the switch-on exercise of the centres.

“We have almost electrified the targeted centres because what is remaining right now is less than ten percent of the work.

“The eighth phase would have been completed but some detailed designing are being conducted to extend to some trading centres which are easy to electrify as we are working on phase nine,” he said.

Banda said the lighting of the 336 centres would therefore contribute towards promoting job creation, environmental protection, security especially in street lighting and economic growth emphasizing that, electricity brings a lot of businesses and productive uses that need processing thereby transforming rural economies.

“Additionally, electricity will assist a lot in health sector because some medicines need to be kept in cool places such as powered refrigerators among others,” he said.

The publicist then disclosed that the ministry is currently reviewing the Rural Electrification Master Plan in order to update the population of the trading centres saying: “Some trading centres have developed since the Master Plan was formulated. So our plan is to ensure that all centres benefit from MAREP.”

Currently, electricity access is around l0 percent and government plans to increase the access to 30 percent by 2030, according to Saidi.

Last year, President Prpfessor Peter Mutharika commissioned MAREP Phase eight at Ngolowera Primary School in Mulanje. This was followed by the launch of the same in the Central, Northern and Southern regions of Malawi in August.

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