Muslim youth warned against political violence

Written by  MANA

Mchinji Muslim Youth Group, known as Usuwatul-Hassanah, has urged its members and other Muslim youth in the country to avoid being used by politicians in political violence as the country drifts closer to the 2019 tripartite polls.


Speaking on Monday during a meeting organised for Muslim youth in the district, Vice Chairperson for the grouping, Adam Allie, noted that politicians in the country are continually engaging the youth in perpetrating various acts of violence against political opponents.

He appealed to politicians to use the youths productively.

“The youth in Malawi usually get involved in fights due to political differences. Our religion promotes peace and not violence, hence the call for all Muslim youths to embrace tolerance and coexistence with people of different political affiliations,” he said.

Politician cum businessman, Tony Ngalande, who also spoke at the meeting, advised fellow politicians to stop using the youth to deal with opponents.

Ngalande, who intends to contest for Balaka North Constituency as an independent candidate, said the youth are a valuable human resource who can be used positively in developing the nation.

“The use of young people in political fights is very unacceptable. As politicians, we should stop this malpractice. I also appeal to the youths themselves to refuse to be involved in any forms of violence,” he said.

He then advised young people to excel in their education and make use of their skills to bring change to Malawi.

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