Mulanje South marches against MP Kalindo

Written by  Litness Chaima

People of Mulanje South Constituency today delivered a petition to the District Commissioner to have their Member of Parliament Honorable Bon Kalindo removed from the party accusing him of making decisions on his own following his endorsement of some people in the ruling Democratic Progressive Party.

DPP supporters marching to the DC's office DPP supporters marching to the DC's office

Delivering the petition, District Governor for Mulanje Saizi Muonekera, said the people of Mulanje South distance themselves from these endorsements since Hon. Kalindo did not call for any meeting asking for their input on the matter.

“People of this constituency don’t want Mr Kalindo anymore because he represents his own interests and not that of the constituents that put him in power. He actually thinks this constituency is a drama group and can do things the way he wishes. We are tired of him and the ideas that he stands for,” said Muonekera.

In the petition, the people asked the Democratic Progressive Party to expel Kalindo from the party and find a shadow MP who will work with them as they wait to go to the polls and elect a new MP in 2019.

“We have given a 3 day ultimatum to have our grievances worked on. We expect an answer and action within these days and we are hopeful that this will be adhered to. We cannot work with an MP who does not consult and respect our views as the electorate,” said Muonekera.

Group Village Headman Lowa who accompanied the people said Mr Kalindo does not treat Mulanje South as his home and since he was elected, he has never done any meaningful development in the constituency, hence his relevance to the people that elected him is questionable.

“’On three occasions, we have tried to get hold of him and tell him what we want as constituents but he has never availed himself to these meetings and instead he sends the district governor. We didn’t elect the governor as our MP but him so we expect him to come and face us. Kalindo is very chaotic and wants to do the same with my people but I will not stand aside and watch this happen,” fumed Group Lowa.

Receiving the petition, Director of Administration in the office of the District Commissioner of Mulanje Gray Mkwanda, assured the marchers that the petition will be channelled to the relevant authorities by close of business today or tomorrow.

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