Malawi is all we have, please demonstrate responsibly-DPP

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The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has appealed to people taking part in Friday’s demonstration to exercise responsibility, by among others maintaining the designated routes.

The DPP Parade The DPP Parade

Government Spokesperson Nicholas Dausi, who was flanked by DPP Southern Region Governor Charles Mchacha, DPP Vice President (South) George Chaponda and other party officials at a parade in Blantyre on Thursday, said Malawians must remember that this is the only country they have, every time they decide to exercise their rights to demonstrate.

The parade which started from DPP Southern Region Offices, through Victoria Avenue to Kameza Roundabout, taking Magalasi Road to Limbe via Kanjedza, was also joined by chiefs from Rumphi, Mangochi, Machinga, Zomba and Blantyre.

Dausi said the country has made positive strides through the years which risk destruction if some freedoms and rights enshrined in the country’s constitution were exercised irresponsibly.

“This gathering was never meant to foil the demonstrations, but to remind each other that this is the only soil we call home. As a ruling party, we can only appeal for soberness and responsibility as we exercise the rights and freedoms our constitution guarantees us. We are therefore appealing to all those participating in Friday’s demonstration to maintain the designated routes as agreed between the organisers, police and the city council,” said Dausi.

Members of the Islamic community also participated in the parade with one simple message “Islam do not encourage demonstrating against government”.

Leaders of vendors in both Blantyre Central Business District and Limbe also participated in the parade.

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