Govt. insists dialogue best solution to national challenges

Written by  Catherine Mwamvani - MANA

Government has reiterated that only contact and dialogue could help to resolve some of the challenges the country was going through as opposed to the decision by Civil Society Organisatiions (CSOs) of staging demonstrations.

Presidential Advisor on Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), Mavuto Bamusi Presidential Advisor on Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), Mavuto Bamusi Pic credit: MBC

Presidential Advisor on Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), Mavuto Bamusi made the observation in an interview with Malawi News Agency on Monday in Blantyre ahead of the April 27 planned nationwide demonstrations by CSOs.


He said government has always stood for contact and dialogue in its pursuit to maintaining peace, law and order unlike holding protests or demonstrations, saying the experience with demonstrations is that people may lose life and bring economic activities to a standstill.


The Presidential Advisor appealed to all organisers of the demonstrations to consider dialogue as a lasting solution to resolving the differenecs that may be there between the CSOs and government, noting that the country has always been associated with peace as the ‘Warm heart of Africa.’


“It is the right of every Malawian to hold peaceful demonstrations because the Constitution provides for that, but the manner and nature under which demonstrations are being organised by the CSOs is somehow an act of politicking,” Bamusi noted.


He said government was already making strides in addressing some of the issues highlighted by the CSOs, noting that one of the contentious issues being the K4 billion given out parliamentarians whereby govenment already opened up to a round-table discussion with concerned parties.


He commended the leadership of President Prof. Peter Mutharika on account that no demonstration plea has ever been rejected under his administration.


“There are many peaceful means of resolving issues in which the CSOs can undertake unlike rushing to demonstrate in the streets which most often result in damage to property,” Bamusi pointed out, urging CSO leaders to continuously engage with govenment for an amicable resolution to grievances.


Paramount Chief Lundu of Chikwawa strongly condemned the decision by the CSOs to hold demonstrations.


“All chiefs from the country’s three regions are against the demonstrations and I would still like to maintain my position that as Paramount Chief Lundu, I am against the protests which only end up confusing people,” he emphasized.


For three successive days, chiefs have been holding press conferences in Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mzuzu condemning the decision by CSOs to take to the streets grievances that can be resolved amicably through dialogue.

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