Police Prosecutors called on to discharge duties with dilligence

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The Acting Inspector General of Police, Rodney Jose, had called on Police Prosecutors to conduct their job with diligence and observance of Human Rights as the general public looks up to them for fair trial and justice.

The Inspector General poses with some of the graduates The Inspector General poses with some of the graduates

Speaking at Kanjedza Police Training College during the graduation of 61 police officers who undertook a 2 month Prosecution Intake Course, Acting Inspector General Jose said the public banks it's hope in the police and there is always need to live up to their expectations.

Jose said the Police Service attaches great value to the course that plays a great role in enquiring officers with knowledge and technical abilities to execute their work diligently.

"It is my belief that this course has added professionalism, growth and maturity. May you take whatever you have learnt to your colleagues so that we become a better service to the nation,” said Jose.

He further called on the prosecutors to avoid corruption if the training they have undergone is to prove worthwhile.

“On the same note, let me warn you against corruption. The Police Service does not condone corruption and extortion of any sort. Should any one of you indulge in such malpractices, the law will take its course and you will be held accountable for it,” said Jose.

Sophie Racine, team Leader for Chilungamo program which was facilitating this course, said the program aims at identifying gaps that are in the prosecuting sector of the police by strengthening the efficiency of the criminal justice system to ensure that institutions coordinate their work to provide efficient services to the citizens.

“The Police are well organized and they plan and deliver on their activities. The course has increased their knowledge on knowing the law, skills and mindset change. We want the ones that have committed a crime to be arrested and prosecuted at a fair trial,” said Racine.

The Chilungamo project is funded by the European Union in partnership with the Government of Malawi in support of access to justice and accountability in Malawi, supporting the democratic governance sector comprising of 19 institutions including the Judiciary, Police, Ministry of Justice, prison and the Malawi Human Rights Commission.

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