Business community hails Buy Malawi Strategy

Written by  McDonald Chiwayula

The business community in the country has hailed the Buy Malawi Strategy as a right direction for growth of local companies more especially the small and medium


Bantu Art & Craft in support of Buy Malawi Strategy Bantu Art & Craft in support of Buy Malawi Strategy

Edward Malunga, founder for one of the local shoe manufacturing company Bantu Arts and Craft say there’s positive impact of Buy Malawi Strategy as it

drives up revenues for Small and Medium Enterprises thereby enhancing economic growth of the country. Malunga further urges that as the country’s leadership is calling

on Malawians to support the strategy it should as well go with mindset change.

“It just sticks in our minds that foreign products are good for us that is just generalization. There’s need for mindset change. You cannot compare our products to some of

the substandard shoes flooding the market. While we are supporting this cause, we  are also supporting economic growth of our country,” said Malunga.

Commenting on the importance of Buy Malawi Strategy is Charles Kumbeni, Procurement Officer for African Parks. He told MBC that his organization is following the

strategy by purchasing footwear for its staff from local manufacturers such as Bantu. As the adage goes, ‘Tiziyamba ndife a Malawi kukonda dziko lathu’ Kumbeni

reiterates that no one will come from abroad to support the cause other than ourselves.

“As procurement office for African Parks Majete, we are fully supporting the Buy Malawi Strategy. We have made it a point to buy footwear from within the country because

of the convenience it brings and we can be confident to say local shoe manufacturers like Bantu have upped the game and are really meeting customers’ expectations.”

Every year Malawi sets aside Buy Malawi Day. The reasoning behind this stems from Buy Malawi Strategy which government is championing to ensure total support to the

home industry. It is a brain child of President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika and was launched on 18th March 2016. This year’s commemoration is held under the theme: Promoting Malawian Products for a national identity and sustainable economic development.

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