Mk4bn Bill: Kamlepo questions Chakwera’s competency

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Outspoken Parliamentarian, Kamlepo Kalua has accused Leader of Opposition Lazarus Chakwera and some Civil Society leaders of double standards in their reaction to the K4billion Bill.

Kamlepo: Accuses Chakwera of double standards Kamlepo: Accuses Chakwera of double standards

Some Civil Society leaders, notably Timothy Mtambo and Gift Trapence are calling for nationwide demonstrations on April 17 in protest of the Bill.

And Chakwera, who is also president for Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has endorsed the protests.

However, in a statement published on his personal facebook page- which he has confirmed authoring to MBC, Kalua said it was strange that Chakwera who led the opposition into passing the Bill has turned against the same.

“If the bill was wrong but passed by the same opposition, how could Malawians entrust the opposition with their vote to run the country if they can pass bills they don’t understand or if they are not conversant with the running of government affairs?

“Are our NGOs (Mr Timothy Mtambo and Mr Gift Trapence) aware that Hon.Chakwera and MCP Members of Parliament are the ones that amended and passed the bill after the presentation due to their numerical numbers in Parliament?” wondered Kalua.

Kalua further quizzed Chakwera to provide basis on his claim that the law was not followed in passing the 4 billion Kwacha bill.

“Chakwera should also tell Malawians why he supported the bill and only to change tune hours later."

There was no immediate comment from Chakwera as we went to the press on Friday afternoon.

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