7 years imprisonment for cashgate convict Leonard Kalonga

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The High Court in Lilongwe has sentenced former Ministry of Tourism senior official Leonard Kalonga to 7 and half years imprisonment for his role in the 2013 cashgate in which he facilitated laundering state funds amounting to 4 billion Kwacha.

Kalonga: Sentenced to 7 and half years Kalonga: Sentenced to 7 and half years

High Court judge Fiona Mwale sentenced Kalonga, a former Tourism Assistant Director, following his conviction on three counts in 2013.

Kalonga was convicted on three counts namely money laundering, conspiracy to defraud government and facilitating money laundering.

To prove his remorse for stealing public money, Kalonga has given back a state-of-the-range Mercedes Benz, Range Rover, two Toyota Corollas, Toyota Garcia and two houses located in Kawale- all valued at K76 million.

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