DPP invades Engucini

Written by  Mc Donald Gondwe

People of Engucini in Mzimba North have pledged their support to the ruling Democratic Progressive Party - DPP and its leadership.


Through 34 local leaders in the area, the people expressed their views during a developmental rally DPP secretariat in the North organized at Engucini Primary School Ground over the weekend.


Group Village Headman Mahuza Nzima said they will do everything possible to see to it that DPP retains power in next year’s election hence they support developments associated with DPP.


“We are duty bound to set our people follow right political parties, parties that would help develop the area and that party is DPP, let us work together with the DPP, let us support its initiatives,” said Mulumuzana Nzima.


Nzima further apologized to the DPP for putting into power an opposition member of parliament in the area who they describe as clueless.


“Since 2014 we have never seen our MP nor her contribution to develop the area; to worsen matters the MP abandoned all the development projects which were initiated by the then member of parliament in the area Goodal Gondwe,” he noted.


Group Village Headman Kanthawala Kaira also promised to support government’s take in various aspects of people’s interest.


DPP Regional Governor for the North, Kenneth Sanga says their heartfelt conviction and complete allegiance to the DPP is a sign of confidence in DPP.


“People in Mzimba North have realized that the DPP will remain in power and indeed will continue developing the country.


“I am happy to hear from the traditional leaders and their people who have told us point blank that they will vote for DPP in all aspects of the election, Councilor, Member of Parliament and indeed on President,” said Sanga.


In her remarks one of the aspirants to contest in the upcoming 2019 tripatite elections as a parliamentarian in the area, Rose Mkandawire has hailed the decisions by her seniors regarding their stand on DPP.


“It is important to understand that the government is in control of all developmental activities, the resources and the likes, so it’s important to support DPP,” she said.


Mkandawire has since expressed interest to contest on parliamentary seat for the area in the forth coming elections.


“I have the full support from the local leaders, full support from the party, full support from the constituents and I am ready to unseat the incumbent Member of Parliament,” said Mkandawire.


During the meeting scores of people from the opposition parties defected to the DPP.

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