Egypt awards 2 scholarships on Exports training

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The Egyptian government has awarded training scholarship two Malawians who are expected to travel and study Export Marketing Technique and Export Plan training which starts from 19th November and runs through to 7th December 2017 in Egypt.

Adaway: This is a great opportunity for networking Adaway: This is a great opportunity for networking

Speaking in Lilongwe, the Egyptian Ambassador to Malawi Maher El Adaway said these scholarships are important in improving skills and capacity in such areas and urged the participants to fully utilise and earn from the people who will take them through the training.

“My country is very committed in helping the people of Malawi by offering different trainings in different fields. As a country, we realise the importance of trade, industry, and exports. This is a great opportunity to network and open doors for the export business in Malawi. Go out there and market your country,” explained Adaway.

Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism, Henry Mussa, said many Malawians have been producing various goods but lack expertise on how they can market and export their products therefore these scholarships will make a great difference in as far as international markets are concerned.

“We are thankful to the Egyptian Government who, through our ministry, has secured these scholarships and for all the other numerous times different ministries have benefitted from them. Egypt remains a true partner of Malawi and such trainings enable us to learn from the best. These people will not come back the same. The expertise that that they will attain will improve their businesses as well as their contribution to the nation,” said Mussa.

The Egyptian Government has provided capacity building programs to Malawi in several fields, including agriculture, trade, rural development, women empowerment, natural resources, education, health, police, information and diplomacy among others.

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