RPL key for decent work in MW

Written by  Ellen Ziwoya - Contributor

As one way of addressing skills mismatch Ministry of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development partnered with the International Labour Organisation - ILO to set up Recognition of Prior Learning – RPL system in order to recognize skilled people in the informal sector.


Due to a lack of appropriate qualifications, a large proportion of people in the country face severe disadvantage in getting jobs or to register their business, even though they might have the necessary skills, as such RPL process will help such persons acquire a formal qualification that matches their knowledge and skills.

Speaking during the meeting on a recent study tour on Friday 10th November in Tanzania at the ILO Tanzania Office, Director of Technical and Vocational Training in the Ministry of Labour, Youth Sports and Manpower Development, Dr Godfrey Kafere said recognizing people in the informal sector will increase livelihood of the people as well as the country economy.

"We discovered that some beneficiaries have got their business registered since they got certificate, getting contracts and others promoted in their jobs as a result of RPL in turn improving their livelihood and economy of the country,"said Kafere.
Kafere said the tour will impact RPL Malawi system positively as the key stakeholders will use the information shared to implement RPL effectively.

He added that Malawi has started the preparatory work with regards to rolling out the RPL. He said currently, Malawi has put in place RPL guidelines which will be aligned to the Southern African Development Community -SADC RPL guidelines.
In his statement, ILO officer In Charge Jealous Chilowe commended Malawi for visiting Tanzania to learn best practices as the countries have more things in common.

Chilowe added that the tripartite grouping ( Government, employers' representative and workers representative) was a sign of commitment from all the key players and also including communication personnel is great move as communication is key to contribute to success of everything.

The RPL System is a good channel as it is only making visible what is already there. The fact that it is not possible for some people to attend training since they are adults, RPL will give them chance to be recognised, at the same time promoting decent work.

The seven day study tour took key partners to Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania, where they visited different key stakeholders involved in the RPL, including Tanzania Internationaal labour organisation Office, the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Youth and the Disabled, Industry, Workers body, Training institutions.

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