ECAM drills employers on industrial action

Written by  Limbani Chuma Ngwata

Employers Consultative Association of Malawi – ECAM on Friday October 20, 2017 drilled its members on industrial action in Blantyre.

Participants pose for a group photo Participants pose for a group photo

Speaking at workshop on employers’ rights under labour laws, Vice President for ECAM Sean Longwe said upholding the principles of justice and humanity has positive impacts, as more businesses would reap benefits from these two concepts through their workers efficiency.


“ECAM ensures that employers keep abreast of all minimum requirements that our laws stipulate, as challenges continue to hamper progress. These challenges emanate from lack of understanding of the international labour standards viz a viz our national labour laws and policies,” said Longwe.


He added that most of ECAM members are facing challenges on how to handle industrial actions in their respective organizations.


“Our programmes promote skills development, worker productivity, employment and income opportunities, recognition of rights at work and putting an end to discrimination among others,” he added.


In his remarks, one of the facilitators at the workshop Laston Masumba said much of industrial actions in Malawi are based on lack of awareness by employees on how the organizations are performing and also employers not sharing much information to the employees.


“A lot need to be done like better management practices, treating workers as variable assets as most managers take better care of machines than people,” said Masumba adding that employees and employers should always look at each other as partners not as enemies to end industrial actions in the organizations.


One of the participants at the workshop Ganesh Iyer who is the Finance Controller at Bakemans Confectioners Limited commended ECAM for organizing the workshop that dealt much with issues that affect the performance of many companies and organizations.


“We have learned new things especially between the employer and employee. Some of the issues that were tackled in the meeting really affect our operations, now we know how to deal with it once they arise again,” he said.


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