Uladi Mussa defiant: Clings to PP leadership

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Politician Uladi Mussa says he still holds the position of vice president of the former ruling People’s Party (PP) for the Central Region and is also its acting president despite the decision by the party to sack him.

Uladi: I remain PP leader Uladi: I remain PP leader

PP National Executive Committee (NEC) fired  Mussa  after he publicly declared that he was taking over the presidency of the party from  Joyce Banda, arguing that her tenure had expired.

But Mussa said he has not been officially communicated to about his removal from the position.

“The NEC did not invite me to the September 9  disciplinary meeting. I am still acting president of PP and first vice president. In fact I have not received any communication in writing or even a phone call about the decision of NEC,” Mussa said.

Mussa also said he will contest for the position of president at the PP national convention.

But PP spokesperson Noel Chimpeni maintained that Mussa was fired and that he is now an ordinary member of the party.

“During the convention the post of vice president was held by Dr Cassim Chilumpha but when he resigned, Uladi Mussa was appointed by the president and the same president has fired him,” he said.

Mussa also ceases to be the party’s parliamentary leader following the dismissal.

He was accused of sowing discord and undermining founding president Joyce Banda’s legitimacy.

Banda left Malawi soon after losing the presidential election to President Peter Mutharika in 2014.

According to Chimpeni, the firing of  Mussa is not meant to disable his political career or party membership but is meant to correct behaviour.

“He is free to contest for any leadership position at the convention,” said Chimpeni.

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