Women Forum lobby for documentation in land transaction

Written by  Mc Donald Gondwe

Chikulamayembe Women Forum (CWF) has called on local leaders in the country to deliberately formulate policies to govern women access and own land.


CWF Executive Director Tiwonge Gondwe told MBC Online that there is need for local leaders to provide a legally binding document on all land related transactions. Women land rights project is being implemented with funding from Action Aid Malawi.

“We are sensitising communities to consider giving their female relations land.  We are warning them against transacting land issues without supporting documents attached to the said land which is risky in case the giver reverses the decision.

“We are happy that our local leaders have understood our concept and most of them are giving land to their female relations but we need a supporting document,” said Gondwe.

Recently the institution briefed traditional leaders from the area of Paramount Chief  Chikulamayembe on the same.

Gondwe said they want the local leaders to champion the cause.

“Access to land is no longer an issue, but ownership is a problem and our mission is to increase land ownership among women in the area,” she added.

Meanwhile, Group Village Headman Kalonde who represented Paramount Chief Chikulamayembe during the meeting welcomed the idea and promised to act positively on it.

“I think this is a good idea, it is indeed our responsibility to provide such documents, I will deliver the message to the Paramount Chief who will later summon all chiefs in the area on the issue,” GHV Kalonde said.

An official from Action Aid Malawi, Rodwel Kanyimbo expressed satisfaction on the progress of the project in the area.

“Since we partnered with Chikulamayembe Women Forum, at least 840 women have access to land from either their fathers, uncles, brothers among others and this call is a follow up to that so that the women should have supporting elements to own land,” said Kanyimbo.

Chikulamayembe women forum is a women and girls rights institution, it gets its funding from Action aid Malawi.

The organization also empowers women in education, health and food security among others.

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