Political detainees against paying Ex MYP

Written by  Alex Mwangosi

A group of political detainees and returnees on Monday 11th of September held a press conference in Mzuzu to express their concerns over what they called delayed compensation and injustice paying of the ex Malawi Young Pioneers - MYP.



Speaking at Mzuzu Lodge, Chairperson of the group- Karonga chapter Charles Mwenefumbo called on government to speed up giving them their compensation as their were submitted to the office of the Ombudsman way back.


Mwenefumbo wondered why government was paying much attention over paying the ex Malawi young pioneers who tortured them.


"Our plea to government is that it should pay our compensation as it did to our few colleagues. We are also against paying the notorious ex MYP who were used by MCP to torture and kill us," said Charles Mwenefumbo.

"It is the same MYP who were used to beat, kill, detain and some of us were forced into exile. So should the tax payers’ money be paid to them for the evil and atrocities they committed to Malawians?" questioned Mwenefumbo.


And Secretary of the group, Jacobins Mfula asked government to stop the process of paying the ex MYP instead re-institute the National Compensation Tribunal to finish paying the victims of one party rule.


"Let MCP pay the former MYP because they using them to punish innocent Malawians who were deemed political enemies. As paying the MYPs using government money at the expense of victims is promoting impunity," said Mfula.


Mfula concluded by saying that "National healing, peace and reconciliation will not be built based on appeasing perpetrators of violence such as the notorious Malawi Young Pioneers".

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