Power cuts to continue - ESCOM

Written by  Sumeya Issa

The Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) says low levels of water in Lake Malawi will continue to affect power generation and distribution before the onset of the rainy season.



Wiseman Kabwazi, ESCOM’s commercial and customer service manager said there are strategies that are being implemented in trying to mitigate the impact of load shedding in the country.

“The message we want to give the nation today is that they should not despair, we are aware of the current situation and having learnt from the past we are trying our level best to mitigate the load shedding that we are supposed to be experiencing between now and December this year,” Kabwazi told MBC.

Kabwaza said in an effort to curb the currently ongoing problems ESCOM has distributed free LED bulbs which has resulted in the saving of 23megawatts and are currently selling some of the LED bulbs saving close to 7.2 megawatts.


“ We have already connected to Mandimba in Mozambique from Mangochi side where we are importing three megawatts of power, we have also connected to Villa-Olongwe Mozambique side where we are sourcing 1megawatt and we will have 10 megawatts diesel generation at Kanengo in Lilongwe,” he said.


Kabwaza in elaborating on the substancial amount of work their team is putting in to mitigate the current load shedding, he revealed that although Malawi will still continue to face problems, they will not be as bad as last year.

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