DPP speaks on Chaponda arrest, defections

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The governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has dismissed assertions by some political commentators that the arrest of its Southern Region vice president George Chaponda was a huge dent on the party.

DPP Spokesperson Francis Kasaila DPP Spokesperson Francis Kasaila

Last week, Anti-corruption Bureau (ACB) arrested Dr. Chaponda over his role in the alleged mis-procurement of maize from Zambia. And Chancellor College based political scientist Mustafa Hussein said the arrest was a dent on DPP as it had confirmed speculations that the ruling party was corrupt.

But DPP Spokesperson Francis Kasaila thrashed Hussein’s line of thinking arguing natural rules of justice entails that everyone is innocent until a competent court of law says otherwise.

He said the arrest of Dr Chaponda will not affect party operations in the Southern region.

“Dr Chaponda is still our member and DPP’s president for the Southern Region. His arrest will not affect party operations in any way. He is not the first politician to be arrested,” said Kasaila.

On some top-notch politicians joining the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Kasaila said Malawians should brace themselves for unprecedented landslide victory in 2019, as a proof that the defections meant nothing on the political ground.

According to Kasaila, DPP is not worried because the said politicians were moving from other opposition parties and joining another opposition party.

“No one is moving from the DPP, so as a party, we are not shaken. Let me also assure Malawians that DPP is still strong in all the four regions of the country and we are set for another landslide victory come 2019 elections. People should also understand that as these politicians are busy switching parties, it is not the entire 100 percent of their support base that moves along with them. They leave behind some and this is where DPP stands to benefit from such defections,” said Kasaila.

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