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Two house breakers arrested in Bangwe

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Following series of breaking offences that have been occurring in Bangwe township, police have managed to apprehend two suspects after intensive investigations and recover some of the stolen items.


According to Widson Nhlane who is the Deputy Police Relations Officer at Limbe Police Station, the suspected house breakers are Alfred Banda, aged 32 from Mgunda Village Traditional Authority Nthiramanja and Francis Pangani aged 38 from Chabwera Village, Traditional Authority Mabuka both of Mulanje district.


“The two on March 21 this year broke into a house of a Bangwe resident and stole TV screen, DVD player, Kitchen utensils, Clothes, Bed sheets and duvets. As if this was not enough the duo again broke into the house of another resident of the same township on March 23, where they went away with three generators plus three tins of paints,” explained Nhlane.

The Deputy Public Relations Officer added that so far all the items of the first complainant have been recovered and positively identified by the owner.

“Only one generator recovered for the second complainant and officers are still following up the issue to recover the remaining stolen items,” he added.


Nhlane further said the two will appear in court soon to answer charges leveled against them.


“Police are very thankful to members of the community who report to police anyone suspected to be a thief in our respective residential areas,” he said.


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