Katsonga thrown out of the house

Written by  Gladys Nthenda

Defiant Mwanza Central legislator Davies Katsonga was on Wednesday afternoon given marching orders when he showed up again in parliament with the traditional Ngoni headgear which caused uproar and derailed proceedings on Tuesday.

Second Deputy Speaker Clement Chiwaya expressed surprise Second Deputy Speaker Clement Chiwaya expressed surprise

This time around it was Lilongwe North East MP Maxwell Thyolera who raised the alarm to the Second Deputy Speaker Clement Chiwaya expressing surprise that despite the fact that the matter was discussed and Chiwaya made a pronouncement on the same Katsonga returned with the same headgear.

Chiwaya said he was equally disturbed with the conduct of the lawmaker adding that he couldn’t waste any more time on the issue and ordered Katsonga out of the chamber and to come back after a week.

Katsonga; a Former Speaker of the National Assembly stood to defend himself arguing that the right to reply is part of a democratic rule but before he could continue with his remarks Chiwaya switched off his microphone.

Chiwaya stuck to his earlier ruling on Tuesday which stated that standing orders only allow women to put on headgear emphasizing that headgears or traditional wear by men do not form part of the recommended dress code in Parliament.

He then ordered the Sergeant- at- Arms to send the Mwanza Central parliamentarian out of the August House.

The seemingly adamant Katsonga could still be seen making protesting gestures against Chiwaya’s directive to march out and was heard shouting “bayethe khosi” while majestically walking out of the house.

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