Govt. condemns threats of violence and riots by the Leader of Opposition

Written by  MBC Reporter

Government has condemned in strongest terms threats of violence and riots Leader of Opposition and MCP President Lazarus Chakwera made recently in his statement to the public as reported in the press.

Government Spokesperson as well as Minister of Information and Communications Technology, Nicholas Dausi Government Spokesperson as well as Minister of Information and Communications Technology, Nicholas Dausi


In a statement Government Spokesperson who is also Minister of Information and Communications Technology, Nicholas Dausi said Chakwera’s appetite for dictatorship and anarchy as evidenced by his desire to sabotage development and Parliament business unless President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika breaks some laws is menacing threat to democracy.

The statement says government is further concerned that Chakwera has called upon the Head of State to break the laws of the Republic by undermining the independence of and interfering with the law enforcing agencies such as the Anti-Corruption Bureau – ACB.

In the statement government unequivocally reject Chakwera’s call for arbitrary searches of citizens’ houses because arbitrary use of power is the hallmark of dictatorship.

It says as Chakwera portrays his desire for dictatorship, arbitrary use of power, anarchy and violence, President Mutharika remains a peaceful democrat who respects the rule of law. The statement concludes that nobody must take Malawi back to the days of dictatorship.

And in a statement, Publicity Secretary for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party-DPP Francis Kasaila says Chakwera is a threat to the hard worn democracy as evident through his blatant call for the president to break the laws of the country by calling upon the state president to interfere with the Ant Corruption Bureau and law enforcing agencies into arbitrary actions.

The statement says the leadership of President Mutharika respects and guarantees the independence of governance institutions in accordance with their respective constitutional mandates.

The DPP says it has observed with utter shock that Chakwera is completely ignorant of the principals of governance in Malawi. The statement further says the party is baffled and bewildered that Chakwera has the audacity to pose as a Pharisee and holier than thou man who can dare accuse others of moral corruption.

In the statement, the DPP says for sometime Chakwera has been scheming a revolt and dreaming to overthrow a legitimately elected government so that he can jump into power through the backdoor. It states that Malawi is a democracy and its people are civilized society with no place for power hijackers. The statement therefore urges Malawians to reject Chakwera’s violence and revolt.

Meanwhile one of the Opposition political parties in the country, Umodzi Party – UP has demanded that the Malawi Congress Party President Lazarus Chakwera must apologize to Malawians for demanding that President Mutharika should arrest people in government who are being suspected of corruption.

Speaking to MBCs Chindunji Program, UP President Professor John Chisi said it is sad to note that Chakwera would like to bring back the brutal leadership that characterized 31-years rule of MCP.


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