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Youth inclusion in boards hailed

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The Young Politicians Union (YPU) has commended President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika for incorporating young people into various boards of statutory bodies.

Mutharika: Hailed Mutharika: Hailed

On Monday, President Mutharika named various individuals as Boards of Directors, which YPU Board Member Hawkings Munyenyembe observed that for the first time the administration has included a larger percentage of young people.

Said Munyenyembe: “Let me congratulate the President for the first time considering the young people into positions that matter in society.

“We believe that the youth are still energetic and visionary and they have got more time to their future than those people who have retired and can no longer think beyond their ages.”

Munyenyembe then advised the youth to serve Malawians to the best of their capacity.

“They have been appointed on behalf of us all to look into affairs and economies of such organizations. So I can only implore these young people to not compromise their abilities, because the president has done that  on trust that  they have got capacity to serve. So they should arise above party politics so that they can serve Malawians better,” he said.

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