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Better regulations on products essential for development- MBS

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The national standards body, Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) has emphasized the need for Malawi to follow better regulations and standards on products it produces.

Chokazinga - MBS Director General Chokazinga - MBS Director General


DavlinChokazinga who is the Director General for MBS made the remarks at Regulators on Better Regulation meeting in Lilongwe. Chokazinga said proper regulations would ensure improved outcomes that would contribute to the development of the nation.

“We are trying our best and once Blantyre project is done the trade facilitation will be improved hence we will achieve what is called Tested Once Acceptable Everywhere,” said Chokazinga.

On his part, Deputy Director of Industry in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism Clement Phangaphanga said regulations are intended to ensure that they are user friendly and stakeholders interest are taken care of.

“Regulation preparationswill be improved and enhanced to ensure better outcomes because the regulators will be equipped with information, hence we would like Malawi to have a quality culture which entails everyone to be aware of significance of quality,” said Phangaphanga.

The Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) is the national standards body for Malawi, responsible for the: preparation and publication of Malawi standards; promotion of standards and quality in Malawi; implementation of Malawi standards through relevant conformity assessment programmes and National Metrology System.

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