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MRA collects 97% of the target projection

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The Malawi Revenue Authority-MRA a body responsible for assessment, collection, and accounting for tax revenues says it has collected 97 percent of its total projected target from the month of July last year to March this year.




MRA Director of Corporate Affairs Steve Kapoloma said MRA managed to collect MK416- Billion instead of MK427-billion.

Meanwhile, Kapoloma has advised tax payers in the country to pay their taxes in the remaining three months of the year for them to be able to remit enough revenue to government.


“We are encouraging taxpayers to fulfill their tax obligation by remitting taxes, and as revenue authority we are making sure that all taxes are being collected and submitted to the government,” said Kapoloma.

According to Kapoloma, special arrangements have been put in place to collect tax from those who have not paid to the revenue body.


The revenue that the authority collects goes to government for implementation of various socio-economic developments like health facilities and social services which include provision of salaries for civil servants.

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