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Mayaya cancels Demos

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The national wide demonstrations slated for 10th March 2016 to protest against the shortage of food in the country have been cancelled.

Mayaya during one of the demostrations Mayaya during one of the demostrations

Billy Mayaya an organiser of the demos which faced serous condemnation from the general public alleged that the Police did not give them a go-ahead to go to the streets.

“Yes I can confirm that the demonstrations are not there,” said Mayaya.

The police panel code requires an organiser of demonstrations to deposit an assurance fee of not less than 2 million Kwacha to be used as compensation for any property damage.

But some reports indicate that the demonstrations have been thwarted as the availability and accessibility of maize keeps on improving in the country following the coming in of over 50 thousand metric tonnes from Zambia last.

“Of course I can confirm that the maize situation has improved but queues are still there in most ADMARC depots so we will still pressurise government to do the needful,” Mayaya confessed to MBC.

Last week vendors from Blantyre said they will never be part of the demonstrations despite being approached by the organisers to partake the sour grape.

And chairperson of Blantyre community policing Misheck Munthali said during a monthly security stakeholders meeting in Blantyre that Blantyre citizens are fearing for their safety.

But Mayaya said the cancellation of the protests have nothing to do with the lukewarm reception the idea received upon being introduced to Malawians.

This is almost a third protest that Mayaya has organised and failed to make impact.

“I am not afraid of losing my credibility because numbers do not matter in a demonstration, ” said Mayaya.


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