Malawi retains position 173 on HDR ranking

Written by  Gladys Nthenda

The 2015 Human Development Report (HDR) has ranked Malawi on position 173 among countries in the low human development category with 26% of children in the country involved in child labour.


The Report which was released in Lilongwe on Tuesday also stated that 1.3 Million workers are not in employment and 67% of people are not able to access social services such as health and education.


A statistical tool which traces progress of countries on human development in how effective collective efforts are in ensuring holistic development at national, regional and global levels the HDR is centered on the theme “Work for Human Development”.


United Nations Resident Coordinator Mia Seppo said the report should help Malawi in fostering progress to move from this category and what policies are needed to ensure the changes don’t lead to greater gaps in terms of income.

She noted that the findings of the report are important to understand the world we live in and how global changes will impact Malawi.


“Malawi finds itself among the group of countries in crises or coming out of crisis. Malawi really needs to go through a discussion on why 50 years of independence this is the case”


“Sixty seven percent of the population is in multi-dimensional poverty something needs to be done” Explained Seppo.


She observed that the report makes a strong case that women are disadvantaged in both paid and unpaid work and that addressing gender inequality in both is crucial to ensure workers well-being and in advancing human development.


Seppo described the 26% of children in Malawi involved in labor as alarming and expressed concern over the development which she noted keeps them away from school hence limiting their future opportunities.


Minister of Labour, Youth and Manpower Development Henry Mussa viewed the ranking as sad state of affairs adding that government will enhance social dialogue which aligns with Malawi’s human development goals.

Mussa said the report will act as a revolution in employment creation through skills development.


He among others cited skills development through community colleges as some of the initiatives government has embarked on to raise people’s living standards.


Norway takes the lead in the very high human development index countries with America taking position 8 while UK is on position 14.


Zambia is ranked in the middle human development category on position 139. Zimbabwe, Kenya, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan and Burundi all fall in the low human development category.

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