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DNC Chambers, a legal firm in Blantyre, has launched an Inter-university Moot Court Competition.

Managing Partner for DNC Chambers, Counsel Chisomo Nyemba, said this is the first of its kind and expects the competition to make a difference among legal students.

“We launched  DNC Inter-university Moot Court Competition. It’s a competition between two universities. These are the only accredited law schools in Malawi, the Catholic University of Malawi (CUNIMA)  and the University of Malawi (UNIMA), previously known as Chancellor College.

“Students from these two universities will argue a hypothetical case before judges in a simulated court setting and then the judges will grade the students in terms of their performance, and the ones with the highest grades will proceed in rounds. So the first round will be held next week, the second round the other week,” said Counsel Nyemba.

In the third week of the competition, Counsel Nyemba said DNC Chambers will organize the final round which will be held at the High Court before  High Court and Supreme Court judges. The judges will choose the winner based on the students’ performance.

“Previously,  universities on their own have been conducting moot court competitions, but there has never been an inter-university moot court competition. So this is an important milestone in the legal profession in this country. And it is also pleasing that the competition is inter-university because it will allow students from different institutions to come together, share ideas, experiences, best practices, and it will help build a stronger and more vibrant legal community,” added Counsel Nyemba.

Representatives of UNIMA and CUNIMA applauded DNC Chambers for launching the competition. They said it will instill a hardworking spirit among legal students.

DNC Chambers has pumped  K5 million into the contest.


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