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Coolest’s ‘Degree’ sparks conversation!

The Malawi entertainment scene has been in awe, following the release of a track called “Degree” by a new kid on the block named Coolest.

Released on Saturday, Coolest’s lyrics delve into the importance of getting a college education, hitting home with listeners in more ways than one.

One of the standout lines from the song goes like “Nkazi ali ndi degree, samakhala pansi, amapusha ngini, samadalira man,” shining a light on the old idea that women should depend on men for everything.

“Ndima trender pa IG, ndine baddie, username yanga, imathela Barbie,” part of the song’s lyrics.

But Coolest does not stop there. He goes on to talk about how education teaches discipline and shapes social lives.

“Ndima trender pa IG, ndine baddie, username yanga, imathela Barbie,” he raps, pointing out the pressure to look perfect on social media and fit in with everyone else.

The fresh blood does noe forget those who have no degree, reminding them of the struggles they face in a world where qualifications count for a lot.

In a world where music can change minds and inspire action, “Degree” is not just a song – it is starting conversations about education, gender, and what is expected of the people.

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