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President Dr Lazarus Chakwera has reaffirmed his government’s support to all Malawians who have the financial capacity to invest in entrepreneurial projects that will contribute to the transformation of communities’ livelihoods in the country.

Dr Chakwera was speaking during the official opening of Kalipano Hotel in Dowa constructed by Malawi’s entrepreneur and philanthropist Napoleon Dzombe.

President Chakwera said  Dzombe’s footprints in the country’s economy are quite vivid and the icing on the cake is the Kalipano Hotel to be managed by Sunbird Tourism.

Dzombe (L) with Dr Chakwera and Madam 


The President then urged other entrepreneurs to emulate how Dzombe is making a difference in the country through entrepreneurship.

Dr Chakwera further said every Malawian including government officials should work very hard and deliver with integrity. He then condemned the red tape system in some government offices that delay the progress of the country.

Kamtukule, Minister of Tourism

Speaking earlier, Minister of Tourism, Vera Kamtukule, said the government is on a drive to encourage investments that add value to the country. She then articulated the importance of empowering the local industry. She cited the Mtalimanja holdings model where most of the furniture at Kalipano Hotel was locally made.

In his remarks, Dzombe said he was inspired by his travels in other countries where he saw that it’s possible to transform an area through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Kalipano Hotel by Sunbird in the heart of Dowa

He then embarked on a journey to set up Kalipano Hotel which will act as a tourism destination site. He said the facility will support the country’s generation of forex and create more job opportunities. Dzombe envisions the facility as having an international conference centre with supporting mega-farms.

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