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As many countries across the globe are searching for smart alternatives to fossil fuels, one of the pioneer companies in electric cars, Agilitee says the first customer of the all-electric solar-powered Agilitee Go new vehicle will officially get it on 9 June 2023 in Zimbabwe.

According to information sourced from the company, the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the firm, Dr Mandla Lamba himself will personally present the solar-powered electric vehicle, Agilitee Go model to the customer. Further details indicate that the handover ceremony will take place in Harare.

Commentators say this is the revolution Africa wants, a revolution that challenges the business-as-usual mode in the transport sector.

Technical specs indicate that Agilitee Go Model delivers up to 400 km confirmed range after a full charge.

“The Agilitee Go offers the highest driving range of any fully electric vehicle available in Africa.

“I am so elated about this development, the beginning of a brand new era for Africa. You see the more Africa embraces edge-cutting technologies in all key sectors such as transport, we will be contributing to the global discussion on cutting emissions. Agilitee Go is smart and eco-friendly,” said Lamba.”

“Agilitee has gone into full production and is now officially rolling out its first electric vehicle in Africa and turning every street green,” added Lamba.

Agilitee is an African firm that seeks to support the continent’s quest for smart technologies that improve the quality of welfare of people in Africa.

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