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Agilitee, the leading electric vehicle manufacturer in Africa, has achieved significant success in South Africa.

The company has successfully expanded its operations to four out of the nine provinces in the country, demonstrating a rapid penetration rate.

Agilitee aims to further expand its presence by entering the fifth province this week and plans to have its vehicles on the road in all provinces of South Africa by the end of December.

Despite facing limited support in its home country, Agilitee has experienced a surge in demand for its vehicles in the third quarter of 2023. This growth has been so substantial that the company has decided to introduce its vehicles in Kenya as well, as one of its major clients has placed a significant order for its stores.

Dr Mandla Lamba, the founder of Agilitee, expressed his excitement about this expansion and attributed its success to divine intervention. He emphasised the company’s commitment to increasing shareholder value and contributing to the development of a carbon-free society.

Dr Mandla Lamba (L) during one of Agilitee’s

business engagements

“We are excited about this rollout, we thank God that it is finally happening and to see it happen in our founding country is a result of God’s grace. We are pushing hard and making sure we are in every province by December. We continue to sign partnerships that are helping roll out faster, we are also starting the rollout in Kenya this week and Nigeria the first week of December. We are doing all that we can to increase shareholder value and improve the lives of our people by contributing to the development of a carbon-free society for all.

“For our clients, we are making sure that they do deliveries in a way that betters them and even their customers, with our battery swapping facilities our clients are saving a lot of money and time and also improving profitability and efficiency,”  said Dr Lamba.

Agilitee, which became a public company last year, has faced numerous challenges in South Africa. However, the current rollout of its vehicles brings hope to the company and signifies its rapid progress.

The company’s founder, Dr. Lamba, has donated 100 million shares since its inception, demonstrating his dedication to the company’s mission.

Agilitee’s success in South Africa and its expansion into other African countries highlight its determination to revolutionize the automotive industry and promote sustainable transportation solutions.


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