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MHRC launches project to promote rights of PwAs

This is the story of one Alfred Misoya, a 32-year-old Ngabu man who lives in constant fear of death like many other persons with albinism, he is less trustful with society.   He feels hunted, this feeling perpetuated by an attack on him one night in 2017.

Sequence 01

Like many other PwAs, Misoya leaves in fear of being attacked.   Over the past eight years,Sequence 01 more than 20 PwAs have been murdered for their body parts and more than 170 attacks on PwAs have been recorded.

“Graves have been desecrated.   People believe that body parts of albinos, including bones, can make one rich,”  explains Maynard Zachariah, General Secretary of the Association of People with Albinism.

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